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DRAGGING THE RUST (A Song About Depression & Anxiety) KIDDKAIN MUSIC (Original) 2021 (RADIO CUT)


Dragging The Rust....

Situation is critical
everybody chasing after thier ghost
we got lost inside this carousel
spinnin around like there wasnt a hope
feeling like we been talking to walls again
this anxiety keeps killing us most
were never the same
when everything becomes critical
keep on swervin off the edge of these roads
these roads...these roads
off the edge of these roads
into the dirt...
off the edge of these roads
into the dirt...

Situation is critical
burning inside and were turning to dust
collect your ashes as we wash away
let the poisons drain out of our blood
we cant escape here now
from every fire
we cant escape here
to save everyone...
keep falling down down further deep inside
its never the same
when were draggin the rust
the rust..the rust
into the dirt...
when were draggin the rust!!
‚ÄĆinto the dirt...